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2021-2022 Registration for Youth Booster Club Teams and Skills Clinics

Registration is now open for De Pere Basketball Skills Leagues and Booster Club teams grades 1st through 8th.  The registration links can be found on the home page below this message. 


Below, please find a few important notes about the registration process.  Please take a few minutes to read in its entirety as it will answer many questions:


  • All of the important dates for the youth opportunities can be found in the “Important Dates” documents located on the home page below.


  • There is a description below of opportunities at each grade level.  


  • We highly encourage all YOUTH parents to attend the informational meetings. MEETINGS WILL BE VIRTUAL THIS YEAR.  The head varsity coaches will go over their respective youth programs in detail and be available to answer any questions you may have.  The boys and girls programs are structured somewhat differently so please attend the appropriate meeting.  Here are the dates and times:  


  • If you have never been through the registration process, the webpage will prompt you to first create a “Sports Engine” account.  If you have registered in the past, your existing Username and Password will allow you to go directly into the registration.  The site should remember and pre-populate any information you had on file from a prior registrations.


  • The boys and girls registrations are separate.  If you have one of each in your family, please complete the two separate registrations.  If you have more than one child of the same gender, please register them all before checking out. 


  • Some of the age groups will have multiple program options.  For example, a 2nd grade boy will have the option to sign up for Skills League and/or a Booster Club team.  Please sign up for ALL programs you are planning to do at this time in this one registration.  The program does not allow you to go back in and add on a program at a later date.  In the case that you change your mind in the future and need to add or remove a program, please contact me directly and I will help you. 


  • The Booster Club Programs for both boys and girls require that every player purchase a Booster Club jersey and Booster Club shorts.  We encourage players to save on their cost and use their jersey and/or shorts from the prior season if they still fit and are in good shape.  In an effort to control our inventory, we have included in the registration an option to purchase both jerseys and shorts.  Due to the very high number of players we have in several grades, we are not able to take number requests; however, if you order a new jersey you will be given the same number you had last year if you include that number when registering.  If this is your first year, you will be assigned a number.  We apologize but this is the only way we can keep track so we don’t have an overlap in numbers.  In several grades we have more than 50 players participating.    


  • The Booster Club subsidizes full uniforms for our 8th grade boys and girls players.  We ask the parents to pay the same $40 they always paid for Booster Club jersey and shorts ($20 each), and the Booster Club with pay the additional cost (approximately $40) to cover the full uniform cost.  We will have a uniform sizing for all the 8th grade players.




SHOOTING SHIRTS:  There will be no shooting shirts ordered as part of registration.  While we still encourage all players to order a shooting shirt, the opportunity to do so will be through a Flash Sale at an upcoming date.  This will allow the shirt to be shipped to you directly and avoid the logistical challenges associated with distribution and ordering.


BAY AREA DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE (BADL):  We are again going to participate in this league.   This fee is now incorporated in the registration.  The fee will be dependent upon your player’s grade.

  • 2nd Grade:  There is no BADL for 2nd Grade boys or girls.
  • 3rd Grade:  Because 3rd Grade only plays two games per BADL date, the cost is slightly lower.  3rd Grade players will play in the Traditional BADL Season that runs from November through early March.  Cost will be $55 per player.
  • 4th Grade:  4th Grade will also play in the Traditional BADL Season that runs from November through early March.  Cost will be $75 per player.
  • 5th-8th Grade: All players in 5th -8th Grade will play in Session One of BADL (November -December).  The cost will be $40 per player.  After the completion of Session One, teams will have the option to play in Session Two of BADL and/or play in tournaments.  The decision to play in Session Two of BADL and/or tournaments will be left to the coaches at each grade level.  After that decision is made, coaches will collect additional fees as necessary.



  • September 15th - Boys and Girls Booster Club Teams 2nd-8th grade
  • October 29th - Boys and Girls 1st-2nd Grade Coed Skills Clinic 


Please call or e-mail me with any questions!


Thank you and Go Birds!


Steve Krueger

(920) 606-9698